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Thank you once again for visiting my website. If you have any question I would l love to hear from you.


the Notions of Sports Portraitures

I would like to Thank the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame for allowing me this great opportunity to show case my work to the good folks of Red Deer and surrounding areas. This by far is one of the greatest moments in my art career!

I would also like to thank Sean Bell from Cam Clark Ford for the great support and sponsorship. With your help we are going to help a few kids play a sport, learn a musical instrument or learn to dance. There are so many things that KidSport supports in our communities.


Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum Art Gallery

Cam Clark Ford

KidSport Red Deer


The Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum is located at

4200 Queen Elizabeth II Highway #102, Red Deer, AB T4N 1E3

I am really looking forward to the exhibit at the ASHFM this November 19th and its free.

 I hope that you`ll find a little bit of time from your daily routine to come by for chat and have a look at some of my Old and latest pieces. It`s going to be an exciting time for Versikaitis - The art of Sport. ... Joe

............ASHFM website exhibit - November 7, 2016...........

The Art of Sport: Artists Investigates the Notions of Sports Portraitures
Joe Versikaitis

"It's not just about sports art but more so creating an authenticated rendering of an athlete's moment in time. The inspirational story behind that art piece is what gives value to that piece," Joe explained about his work.

 "The notions of sports portraitures are my interpretation, my inspiration and my passion of an athlete portrait. Working from game experiences to my canvas I explore what a sport portrait is. This exhibition includes traditional acrylic paintings with a twist of realism to investigate and push the boundaries of the portrait."


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Please check out my Blog pages at Blog with Alberta Sport artist Joe Versikaitis. We will be talking about all the art marketing strategies and the people that know how and I`ll probably tell you a story or two.


If you are an artist then I want you to Send me your Artwork. I will to feature some of our local and regional artist works. That's right! 

Send me your Artwork and I will display it on my Blog With my Fellow Artist

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Here you be able to view my step by step illustration of al my works on how they were created.

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