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Dion Phaneuf - Defense - 2010 
Stevie Yzerman

Little Tim

This is a 18" x 24" mixed media painting of Dion Phaneuf. Calgary Flames

Copyright by Joe Versikaitis

 In doing this piece of Dion I wanted to create a stance that I've observed during a warm up. When Dion went out on the ice without the chinstrap done up. This pose or stance is different then any other one I have done and I guess that's why I'm so intrigued in it.

I recall painting the visor. I was thinking that after spending all that time working on Dion's face and helmet I was going to be painting over it. Not totally but in parts. It was thought of painting over something that I just spent hours creating. The part that I need to paint was the reflection of the house lights and the glare of the ice surface.  The ice surface being reflected on the bottom right hand side. In that part I wanted to show the Flaming " C" at center ice.

I can honestly say I had my doubts about getting the right mixer of red for the Vintage Jersey. I went into a store with my paint palette and proceeded to mix a color to match. I always seem to get a lot of stares and people asking what I was doing too... The fire/red or orange /red gives off a hue of a reflective violet. Now this is mainly the material giving this reflection, but I still see it in the color. It drives me crazy because I know what the color should be but I keep seeing this violet hue.... I did mange to get the red as close as I possibly could and added some of the violet color as well.  The characters in the crowd weren't as detailed as my previous works but they are there. I started out with quite a few of these characters. As I progressed with the piece I had only a handful left. I finished the painting by not getting into or not having so much detail on the bottom part.

The over all feeling for this painting is loose. The only part that I wanted to stand out was the upper part mainly the face area. I really wanted to be loose with my strokes and in the way I delivered the colors. I want to show an easy flow gestured feeling almost an expressionism touch if you will. In whole I want to have a painting that has realism to expressionism.

Through out this painting process I had the pleasure of using some equipment and a certain photo as references. The photo was taken by none other then Gerry Thomas/NHLI via Getty Images / Calgary Flames photographer..

This painting was created for the purpose of the STARS & SPURS gala on January 23rd, 2010 in Calgary.

To view the step by step on how this piece was created go to my Facebook Fan page

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