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Jarome  - The Painting of Jarome Iginla - 2011 
Henry Burris

Stevie Y

This is a 30" x 40" acrylic on canvas painting of Jarome Iginla

of the Calgary Flames.

 by Joe Versikaitis

Many a times I had the opportunity to study Jarome Iginla in a stance. Again I was amazed at both the level of focus and intensity he brings to the game of hockey. For the number of years that Jarome has been in the NHL, his pose has inspired over 35,000 photographs. These images are like candy to a little kid in a store. For me as an artist it’s like having to choose thousands of paintbrushes, and enough paint to cover a lot of canvas. So whatever stance I see on the ice I know, with the help of equipment and jerseys, there will be enough reference photos to help me paint that pose.


In doing this painting of Jarome Iginla, I had some very interesting experiences. First of all I named it “ Jarome “ because I felt it was unique to my artworks. Since I had done a previous piece called “ Iggy “ I really didn’t want to call it “ Iggy 2 “..


The 30” x 40” is new to me but the beauty of doing this size of work is that I really love this size. The amount of space was the main factor. I felt that I wasn’t constricted to a small area.  It gave me a lot of freedom to move around.


I was also up to the challenges that came with a commitment to a venture like this one. I knew that there was going to be some long days. But at the same time I was prepared for the exciting moment once the piece was done.


This project gave me the most gratifying opportunity to talk to one of today’s world known sports artist, Stephen Holland. This down to earth gentleman had nothing but great marketing advice and the modesty of telling me that my work was cool!

 Finally, I believe as an artist who gets the opportunity to create a project like this. Not only did I create the painting but also formed an even better friendships.

Here is to my friend Stephen.

The painting was auctioned off with proceeds going to a minor hockey team.

Joe Versikaitis

Photograph of Jarome Iginla used in this painting was taken by

John Russell/Getty Images

All works are under the Canadian Copyrights Law. Any reproduction in part or whole without the written consent is strictly prohibited


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