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Jon Cornish  -   2013 
Neymar Jr

Nik Lewis

" Cornish " - This is a 22" x 28" Acrylic on Canvas painting of Jon Cornish - Calgary Stampeders Running Back

Copyright by Joe Versikaitis

During a game in Calgary against the BC lions, I was on the sideline with my camera in search of my next art project.

Like all football fans in Canada, I watched Cornish carry the ball all game long. As that particular play ended and Jon made his way back to the sideline I started to walk towards him. By the time I got close I noticed that he had taken off his helmet and placed it on the bench beside him.

At that moment I thought well, I am creating a painting of a player with his helmet flipped on top of his head. Then why not do a portrait of a player without his helmet.

As I focussed on Jon, he put his hands on his hips, he looked at me and then gazed into the crowd above me. I took 2 shots of him. I put my camera down and we both nodded at each other. I was waiting for him to put his helmet back on so that I could continue to shoot. As he reached for his helmet, more players stood in between him and I. By the time I could get another glimpse of him through my camera, he had already put his helmet on, turned, walked towards the sideline and stood waiting for his turn to go on. I guess I lost the moment to get a close up of Jon with his helmet on. After the game, I was praying all the way back home in hopes that at least one of those 2 shots was a gooder!

In this painting I wanted to show a blurred out McMahon Stadium behind Jon. Also, like so many of my other pieces, I wanted to show an unfinished element by leaving parts of the drawing showing on the canvas.

Because of the work that I do my photography is a huge tool in what I do. I want to create using the best and detail photos that I can use. The pose doesn't have to be there because I can manipulate that but I need the detail on the face. I need to see the hairs on their eye brows if you will. The rest of the body I have equipment and jerseys to help with the creation of the rest of the piece.

To me as an artist it is this individual frame in time and a moment in Cornish's life that I wish to capture in this painting. To render that pose forever....

I hope you enjoy it?

Joe Versikaitis

Cornish signs painting April 17, 2015

Because the Stampeders purchased the painting I had to paint over the signature.

But the memories will live on.

A huge Thank You to the Calgary Stampeders for promoting my sport art on the September 17, 2016 game against the Ottawa Red Blacks!!!
I am very honoured to have my sport art as a part of the Jon Cornish ceremonies!... Pretty cool experience!

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