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Mathieu Garon - 2010
Sunday Afternoon

Matt Keetley

2011 Southern Alberta Summer Games

45 years and up

" Gold Medal Winner "

This is a 18" x 24" Mixed Media Drawing

of Mathieu Garon ( Edmonton Oilers )

Copyright by Joe Versikaitis


The meaning of mixed media is the use of different materials to accomplish the end project.

In this case about the only thing I didn't put in was the kitchen sink....

I used color pastels, pencil crayon, graphite pencils and acrylic paint. I was inspired to go back to using chalk pastels and pencil crayon after reading a book by Bernard Poulin. Poulin an accomplished world artist and author, has a book called " The Complete Colored Pencil Book". This book illustrates the various techniques and applications of using pencil crayon to create your master piece. 

The one thing about using chalk color pastels is that you can't seam to stay clean. I mean I worked the chalk into the drawing and move it all around the paper mixing it with every other color, trying to get the right effect or style. Then after awhile I realized I've scratched my nose or forehead and now I look like a warrior...To top it off my clothes have all these finger prints on them....nice!


Although this started out as a quick drawing I did manage to get it done in a couple of weeks...quick drawing alright?

I was taken back by pose of Garon. As most goalies, they tend to lean back on the net and watch as the action is at the other end of the ice. I remember watching an Oilers game last year and studying Mathieu's moves. Made a couple quick sketches, notes and presto an idea is born...Something I do regularly. Whether on TV or at a live game, I always seem to watch for stance, special characteristics of certain players and I always make notes...well ok not always ....but most of the time...!

This particular game Mathieu took a breather, leaned back on the net and looked around the arena...An idea came to me, what if I had control of the situation and had him pose like that.. him looking at me while I did a painting....Ok while I took pictures of him in this pose....then did the painting.....well it's kind of crazy to think that he would stand there for a couple of weeks...


Going back to taking the photos, most of time as an artist I rely on photos as references. My ideas are derived from watching the game live or watching it on TV. Sometimes the ideas come from sketching/drawing of other players. I have an idea, do a couple of sketches and then I search for the photos to help me out with the right posture and to get more detail of that player.

Regardless of the idea I'll always work with equipment that I bought or was lent to me and photographs that are a mayor part in doing my work. I've always said that if you use photos as references those photos must be the best photos you can find. For the people out there that are just getting into art and plan on using photos as references...." Your work is only as good as your photos."

In saying all that...When ever possible it's always good to take your own photos for your references. Unfortunately the type of art work that I do I have to seek professional photographers help. Not everybody has a contract with the N.H.L. to take photos.

After your work is done and you are ready to publish your work to the world. The couple things you'll always want to do is pay your dues to these hard working people and give them the proper accolade.

All works are under the Canadian Copyrights Law. Any reproduction in part or whole without the written consent is strictly prohibited


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