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Keetz - The Painting of  Matt Keetley- 2009 
Miikka Kiprusoff

Jarome Iginla - Iggy

This is a 18" x 24" acrylic on canvas painting of Matt Keetley

of the Medicine Hat Tigers - W.H.L..

Copyright by Joe Versikaitis

With this painting I was contemplating whether I should add the fog that was experienced in game 7 of the W.H.L. playoff final against the Vancouver Giants. Due to the fact that I might wreck my work I decided against the idea. I would of washed over all that work.

Not a good idea....

Starting at the top with the crowd, they all have Tigers jerseys on. Like any previous works of mine, some folks are into the game and some are just happy to be there talking to the person next to them.

A few are waving the white towels that is a tradition to all Tigers playoff runs. On the boards I went with idea of dating this painting. By that I mean putting in the W.H.L. Cup with the Tigers champ sign and 2007 on it. Then I blurred it out a bit to give this work depth. I also included the Memorial Cup Vancouver logo on his jersey. Another way to date this painting.

This stance was taken a few months before the playoffs begun. My friend Dave McGuire from

MC Images, out of Medicine Hat took this shot. He and I have taken alot more shots this particular game, and I look forward to develop more art work from these pictures in the near future...

If your any kind of an artist, you know that most of the time you will have to use photographs to do your work. I myself I'm one of those artist who uses photographs as reference for paintings or drawings. The one things I was always taught in using photographs for my work, was that I should choose good and clear photography.

Your work will always reflect the photos that you use.

The picture that Dave took of Matt is an example of what a good and clear photography is.


Matt Keetley recorded a rare accomplishment of 40+ wins for the second straight season and was named to the WHL All-star team for the second straight season in which he also earned 1st Team honours. To add to his accomplishments, Matt also earned Western Conference Goaltender of the Year Award.

Matt's implacable work ethic is why in 2005, the Calgary Flames drafted this elite goaltender.

Matt back stopped the Medicine Hat Tigers to their fifth W.H.L. Playoff Championships and to their fourth Memorial Cup berth in 2007.

Only to lose to the home town Vancouver Giants in the final game of the Memorial Cup championship.

" Thanks for the memories Matt.

What a ride.."

All works are under the Canadian Copyrights Law. Any reproduction in part or whole without the written consent is strictly prohibited




. THE GLOVE.....

Displayed at The Medicine Hat Tigers Office,

The creation of  " Keets "
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All works are under the Canadian Copyrights Law. Any reproduction in part or whole without the written consent is strictly prohibitedd


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