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Rob Maver  -   2016
Theo Fleury

Andres Iniesta

This is an original 24” x 30” Acrylic on Canvas painting of

Rob Maver - Calgary Stampeders Place kicker

“ Unsung Hero ”. 

I can still see Rob going through his game rituals on the sideline. Someone would snap the ball to him and then he would go through the motions of actually kicking it but never does.  Although as a fan, it would be very cool to see him grab a ball and punt the thing into the stands. I think the crowd would get a kick out of that. 

I remember standing and watching him practice. Like I always do with my player projects, I was studying his stance and his focus on the traveling ball. Then he noticed me with my camera. I can see through my lens that he was trying to get out of my way when in fact I was in his domain. But I wanted to capture his intensity. The look that he has and the split second decision he makes just before the ball goes into his hands. 

That's the moment that I wanted to capture...his frame in time!

About the title,... A punter can catch the long snap from the center and then punts the ball down the field.  Also he is the last line of defence, that is if his team mates miss tackling the opposing teams Running Back then the Punter must be the last man back to tackle that Running Back. The way I see it, a punter is one player that doesn’t get the recognition as a distinctive valuable player. Someone like Rob who has this inglorious job, who can place a perfect kicked ball one yard from the opposing goal line - one yard inside the sideline, who perform's that play almost flawlessly each time on the pitch and then to top it off sometimes punting from the Stampeders own 40 yard line.....now that's amazing!

On the pitch - as a punter, Maver`s talent far exceed his accolades, and on my canvas -  he is an

“ Unsung Hero ”. 

Joe Versikaitis - Sports Artist

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