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Stevie Y - The painting of Steve Yzerman - 2010
Jarome Iginla

Dion Phaneuf

This is a 16" x 20" acrylic on canvas painting of Steve Yzerman

of the Detroit Red Wings

Copyright by Joe Versikaitis

" Stevie Y "

...Auction piece on August 13th, 2010...

Proceeds went towards The Worlds Children Foundation.

With the help of it's Canadian partner  " C.A.R.O ." - ( Canadians Reaching Out )

C.A.R.O. provides international relief, supplies, resources and support to children and families in need. Helping people to develop solutions for their long-term self sufficiency

The pose is of Steve " Stevie Y" sitting beside the Stanley Cup after the Red Wings won the cup in 1997.

Back in the middle of May of 2010, this painting concept came about when a director for C.A.R.O. and a friend of ours Terry Whitfield, approached me in donating a piece for their up and coming auction.  At first I thought " Oh Lord another donation ". But when he explained the objectives and the mission of C.A.R.O. It was an easy " Yes, I will be more then happy to donate ".

 The concept to do a portrait painting of Lanny McDonald hoisting The Stanley Cup was talked about.  The idea was easier to visualize when I was told that Lanny is a huge part of C.A.R.O.  But it soon hit a snag when we couldn't get a hold of Lanny to get references photos of him. In order for me to get this piece done by the beginning of August I had to start on it by June 1st....My deadline to start this piece soon approached and I was left with the decision to do a different  player. I remember back in the late 90's purchasing some reference photos of a few different players through Bruce Bennett Studios in New York now Getty Images. Bruce Bennett provides photos for sport magazines throughout the world.  One of these shots was of Steve Yzerman. For the longest time I wanted to finish a piece on  " Stevie Y " but I never had the chance or the real reason to do it.

I am very excited to know that my next project will be of Lanny hoisting the cup but for now it's Stevie's turn...

In any painting I always paint the easiest things first then get on with the real challenge.

The challenging aspect to this painting is not only trying to get this figure to look like Steve Yzerman but also do justice to the Stanley Cup. Every detail on this piece has to be precise. One of the hardest thing I had to do was to create chrome. The reflections, the colors and then the writing on Lord Stanley have to as accurate as I can get it. There are so many ways an artist can paint chrome, I just had to find my own way to do it right.

I noticed that the cup I drew first was a little off balanced. I'm thinking you all remember these little tool from High School Drafting class.
I measured off and I found my centerline on the cup. Once I found the centerline of the cup. Everything was measured off it in equal proportions. Then of course the painting began.

When ever I have to paint the hair on a person. It always comes down to how much detail I want to show. I really don't want to paint every hair but I also don't want it to look like its just blotches of colors.
The secret to hairs is to make look like there is a lot of hair without painting every hair line...
Working from light to darks and then bringing the highlights or reflection of the camera flash.

What I find the most frustrating about painting with red is how do I bring out the high lights without making look toooo pink. To over come this problem I brought out the highlights by painting the white over top of the red once it dried. This way the two colors didn't mix..
I painted the white lines in the jersey by first creating the highlights and shadow to the fabric. Then painted the texture or lines over top with a blue grey wash. In the shadows I painted the lines by using a white wash....I even threw some yellowish wash I had in my palette for added texture and depth.

With the number 19,  I gave the fabric bumps and painted the high and lows of the curvature. I didn't have to do too much work with the texture because the fabric of the canvas that I am using shows the same fabric. I then finished it off by painting the sticking that keeps the numbers on the jersey.

By having the curtain in a dark blue right behind Steve`s head. I popped out his face out of the canvas.

To view the step by step process go to my Facebook Fan Page

A little bit of history...The first Stanley Cup (1893 pic.), donated by Lord Frederick Arthur Stanley of Preston in 1892: a flashy silver salad bowl, which is a minimal prerequisite to deserve the attribution of "trophy". It is the same cup that sits on top of the current trophy.
The Stanley Cup is engraved with the names of the winning players, coaches, management, and club staff.
This was not always the case. One of Lord Stanley's original conditions was that each team could, at their own expense, add a ring to the Cup to commemorate their victory.
Initially, there was only one base ring, which was attached to the bottom of the original bowl by the Montreal AAAs. Clubs engraved their team names, usually in the form "TEAM NAME" "YEAR WON", on that one ring until it was full in 1902. With no more room to engrave their names (and unwilling to pay for a second band), teams left their mark on the bowl itself.
The 1907 Montreal Wanderers became the first club to record their name on the bowl's interior surface, and the first champion to record the name of every member of their team.
- en.wikipedia.org


To view the step by step process go to my Facebook Fan Page

Special Thank You to Victor Van Enk and Gainsboro Studios in Medicine Hat, Alberta

for sponsoring the framing

All works are under the Canadian Copyrights Law. Any reproduction in part or whole without the written consent is strictly prohibited


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