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Theo Fleury - He is who He is  -   2016 
The Rivalry

Rob Maver

" He is who he is "
This is a 24" x 30" Acrylic on Canvas Painting of Theo Fleury 
For you folks that missed it, this piece debuted at the exhibit launch date on Nov 19, 2016 at the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum.

It's a painting of Theo Fleury - Former NHL all Star, Stanley Cup winner and Olympic Gold Medalist, Two time best selling author of Playing with fire and Conversations with a rattlesnake. He is a healing motivator, a person of great life experiences, Honorary Chief, Victor Walk Advocate against childhood Trauma and his Victor Walk documentary film is will premiere Dec 1st and 2nd 2016  at the Whistler Film Festival. This film has been nominated for Best Documentary. ...The piece is called " He is who he is "

During the Fort Mac fires Theo and I got together to sign 30 Theo 14 for Fort Mac limited edition prints. The proceeds from this print went directly to help the victims of the forest fire that nearly destroyed Fort McMurray.
It was during this visit in which Theo and I had, that the concept for this piece became real. Theo conversed his vision of creating a collage with his different life achievements. He then began to
showing me all his photos of all these achievements. That was a pretty cool experience, I must say! Just to listen to his story was something that wont soon forget.

The piece has elements like his Victor Walk Advocate logo and the Victor Frog ( You can read more on Victor Frog at the bottom of this page) the Stanley Cup and ring, The 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Gold Medal and ring, his music, and of course the 1991 overtime winning goal celebration slide.

The one famous image of his slide was taken from up in the second tier stands by the Edmonton Journal and they will not give up the rights to that image. So we created our own!!!
My vision for his slide image was to be on the ice surface about 10 feet in front of him.

The over all image has splashes of orange to bring out the Victor Walk Orange Movement...

The title, well that came to me after reading many of his interviews and listening to his number 1 hit song " I am who I am."
As I was shutting the lights off to my studio and walked upstairs to bed, his song was still in my head. As I got closer to the top of the stairs and thinking about his life I said to myself...
Yah that's right, he is who he is!... I then turned around and walked back down to the studio, turned the lights on and grabbed the first piece of paper I could fine and wrote the title to this piece!...lol

Theo's incredible journey and the stories go on but for some of his precious moments and life achievements, they are rendered in this painting forever.

With the interest towards the painting there is going to be limited edition canvas prints made.
Piece is available for viewing at the Alberta Sport Hall of Fame and Museum until June 30, 2017

Victor the Frog Let me introduce you to Victor.

You can watch Theo's trailer Victor Walk Documentary


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