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Jarome Iginla - The Painting of Iggy - 2008 
Matt Keetley

Miikka Kiprusoff

" Iggy"

This is a 22" x 28" acrylic on canvas painting of Jarome Iginla

of the Calgary Flames.

Copyright by Joe Versikaitis

When I had the opportunity to actually study Iggy's stances. I was amazed on the concentration level he has every second he is on the ice. The focus and look on his face during a face-off

is one of extreme vigilance.

I recall a moment when Jarome waiting for a face-off, had his stick across his knees and leaning on it. Even  with a referee determine to get his message across to Iginla about an incident that happened a few seconds before the whistle blew, Jarome now with his stick on the ice, just looked straight ahead at the face-off circle, with the most intense look on his face.


This is the look and the stance that caught my inspiration.


In creating this piece, I was looking for a common theme to all my other paintings of hockey players. That is the crowd. The characters that I've created throughout the years have amused and inspire me to create one or two more that  will most likely be brought back in my next painting.

These characters show some of the people waving a flag, smacking thunder sticks, clapping, and some of them are dressed with what ever team colors I choose. When ever I go to watch a  game, I not only go for the game itself but also to see, hear, and be apart of the crowd, but to scout for new characters for my paintings.

The one thing I really want to bring to each Calgary Flames painting is the character of Harvey the Hound. One of the main Flames icons who has amused  the crowd and Calgary for years. As the saying goes, players will come and players will go but rest assure Harvey and his delightful character traits will live forever in the minds and  hearts of the "C" of Red.


All works are under the Canadian Copyrights Law. Any reproduction in part or whole without the written consent is strictly prohibited


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