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El Miguel - a painting of my son Miguel- 2007 
Miikka Kiprusoff

Miikka Kiprusoff

" El Miguel "

This is an acrylic 18" x 24" on canvas painting of my son Miguel

Copyright by Joe Versikaitis

Manchester United is his Favourite soccer team. I remember taking several shots of him in this uniform. He had so much patience because I wanted different poses of him holding the ball.  I wanted to do a portrait of him in his Crusaders uniform but since his team was Manchester. I did it in that uniform.

It was one of those painting that in my mind I was creating for the Manchester United game day program. The background to the fog around him was kinda of a illusion for a cover page layout. All I need to do was add the rest of titles, sub titles, logos, banners and a little flare.

It was a difficult piece on my part. They say that the hardest part about being a portrait artist is painting a portrait of your next of kin. A loved one. Because you see them everyday you would think that it would be easier. But for some strange reason it is harder. Don`t ask me why it just is.

Photograph of Miguel Versikaitis used in this painting was taken by

Joe Versikaitis, Medicine Hat, Alberta


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